Is obesity a drug addiction?

L’obesité est elle aussi une forme de toxicomanie?
Nombreuses études récentes répondent positivement à cette question.

The Elusive Self

Next year the psychiatrist’s bible, the Diagnositic and Statistical Manual (DSM) will be revised into its 5th edition. It may have a dull moniker, but the DSM is more than a medical handbook. Central to its construction are the prevailing winds of societal attitudes – consider that as late as the 1973 homosexuality was still labeled a mental disorder.

These influences are illustrated by recentcalls that obesity should be included in the DSM. Proponents of this position point to evidence that obesity research, both in animal models and in humans, implicates neural pathways involved in drug addiction. Drug addiction is in the DSM, so why not food addiction?

The “disease model” of drug addiction is that drugs hijack the midbrain dopamine system. Different drugs get to dopamine via diverse molecular pathways, which probably underlie their distinctive subjective properties. But all studied drugs of abuse lead to dopamine…

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